Contrary to popular belief, not every day is the same.  If fact, every day is different, every day is unique and a gift from God. And good or bad, every day is an adventure.  We need to be prepared for whatever the day has to offer, to be on high alert so to speak.   The good news is that no matter what our circumstance is we never go it alone.  The Lord is always with us.  The question is are we with him?


     Let us face this new day with hope, with peace and with grace. Knowing that Jesus can work all things out for our good and take us through any situation with victory.  We need to enjoy our life and the precious gift that God has given us.  Let us do that with prayer and thankfulness. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is where we live.


     I’m praying that the God of all peace empowers you by His Holy Spirit to live a victorious life in Him, And remember that no matter what happened yesterday – today is a new day!