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     We have all heard it said that life is a journey, and that is really a great description of life.  If life is a journey, then a day or a week, or a year becomes not the time, but the distance we travel.  When we go on a journey we want to make sure we take with us what is needed for the trip.  Shirts, toothpaste, hair brush, etc.  I like to travel light.  especially when I go on vacation I hate to be bogged down with too much luggage, because carrying all that stuff becomes too much work!  I try to make sure I only take what is needed.

     I encourage you today as you continue your journey, take with you only what is needed. Leave all that excess baggage behind.  It is just going to make you work harder to enjoy life.  Take with you the stuff you really need, such as peace, joy, mercy and grace.  You will discover that life can be quite a fulfilling journey.  Keep it simple.  Focus on your destination and you will discover the only thing that you need to take with you is Jesus. He will supply everything you need.

     Have a great trip!