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     One of the keys to a person’s life is that he is to “be real”.  We need to be sincere, especially to ourselves. Too many people try to be someone they are not.  The crazy part about that is the person they are, is better than the person that they are trying to be.  We need to be the person that God created us to be.  We waste all our energy trying to be wonderful, different, warriors, someone of importance.  Don’t you realize that you are already fearfully and wonderfully made?

We will never be comfortable in someone else’s skin, only our own fits right.  So many people try to be more spiritual, more knowledgeable, more just about everything.  Sometimes less is better.  How about we become all that God has intended us to be?  He created each one of us unique and special. Isn’t it amazing that you are hand crafted by God? I know by now that I will never play for the NY Yankees (well, maybe never).  But I desire to be what He made me to be.

At the end of the day……I’m good with that.