I believe everyone is dysfunctional (no offense), just some are more dysfunctional than others.  Only when we get to heaven will the dysfunction stop.  How can we not be?  Look at the world we are living in.  Perhaps the better question then is not are we, but HOW dysfunctional are we.  I believe a person is dysfunctional because of sin, whether our own or others.  One of the ways sin causes dysfunction is by hardening a person’s heart.  When a heart becomes hard it doesn’t care who or what it hurts, and becomes consumed with self.  After sin enters the heart it goes directly to the mind, where it corrupts it.  Sin is like a computer virus to our thinking and causes dysfunction to flourish.

     We begin to make all the wrong decisions, all the wrong choices.  Everyone else is wrong and we are always right.  We justify our actions by…

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