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Ever notice how people that are always complaining, actually have a lot to be happy about. Unfortunately, they are only focusing on what is going wrong in their lives, rather than what is going right. Sometimes we can not see the good stuff because the bad stuff is blocking our view. There are times that are difficult and cause us a great amount of pain, but even in the midst of sorrow, God is still working.

I learned early in life there is a time to grieve, and a time to rejoice. I became determined not to grieve when I didn’t have to. I was also determined to use my times of rejoicing wisely. Joy is very valuable to me, and I have also learned sometimes you have to protect the joy that God has given you and not allow it to be so easily stolen from you.

Don’t lose your focus. Don’t become distracted by obstacles blocking you from seeing the joy in front of you. Rather, push in and enjoy the precious life you were given. Grab hold of and enjoy the little things, especially the little things. They blossom into bigger things.

And remember…God is always faithful and His mercies are new every morning.