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You are on the Titanic and the ship is taking on floods of water. You are well versed on Navel books that taught you enough to know the ship is doomed, and you are going to lose friends and love ones. You have three (3) choices:

1. Give up and tell everyone it is well deserved.

2. Pretend everything is okay.

3. Do everything in your power to bring as many people to safety as possible – if possible.

If you have chosen #1, well, I think we all know it is well deserved for ALL of us. And give up? Really?

If you have chosen #2, you are very foolish to deny the truth and refuse to see the tragedy that is about to happen.

If you have chosen #3, thank you for helping me even though I don’t deserve it.

The Titanic is America. And we are taking on floods of sin. But what good is it to get angry, point fingers, and complain? That doesn’t mean we ignore the coming flood that is about to hit our nation, in fact, we need to sound the alarm and wake up the entire country! We need to pray, to preach repentance, and to love people as we never did before! I love what someone once said: We need to pray as though everything depended on God and labor as though everything depended on us.” For the sake of Jesus, our love ones, and for everyone our Lord and Savior went to the cross for – let us all come together and show the world what real Christianity is!

May God richly bless you – and yes, I am still praying that God continues to bless America. I know some may have a difficult time believing that America can still be blessed, but if we repent, why not? I’m old school. I still believe nothing is impossible for God.